Nepal is a country rich in natural and historic resources that makes it a destination of many tourists every year. Not just the natural, religious and historic beauty, Nepal is rich in food culture as well.

Food Hunt Nepal is a one stop portal for everyone who wants to know about the foods in Nepal and culinary practices in Nepal. It is aimed to help the tourists visiting to Nepal about what to eat and where to eat to get the best and authentic taste of Nepal.

The articles are published by a keen research from various sources and surveys. Also some articles are based on the personal interest and current situation of the culinary practices in Nepal.

So in a nutshell you can expect food guides, what to eat and know about the most popular and must have foods in Nepal.

Also Food Hunt Nepal will also work on promoting the lesser known foods from the nooks and corners of the country and make them known in the national and international level.

About Authors

Currently Food Hunt Nepal is managed by a single author. I am a blogger and a big fan of Nepali foods. I would say this blog is the outcome of my love for foods.

I hope I will recruit other authors for maintaining the blog in the future to share about the foods in Nepal.

If you are currently on this page reading about us, I am very grateful for your visit to Food Hunt Nepal.

If you have read our posts, don’t forget to share it with your friends in case it helped. Also your feedback and comments can help us grow further.

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