15 Street Foods In Nepal Everyone Must Try

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Are you a great fan of street foods?

If you are in Nepal or are planning to visit Nepal, then this guide will help you eat the best street foods in Nepal.

Apart from traditional and festive foods, you can get a lot of amazing street foods being served in different streets of Kathmandu and other cities in Nepal.

The best thing about Nepali street foods are, they are very cheap and provides the best taste. You can try almost street foods for less than 2$.   

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If you are a fan of spicy and savory foods then I’m sure you will love the street foods of Nepal.

1. Laphing

Laphing in Nepal
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Laphing is a street food of tibetan origin and a popular street food in Nepal.

Laphing actually is a noodle dish prepared from moong bean seasoned with spices. It is served with cold soup and you can also find the dry version of Laphing as well.

Laphing are actually served very spicy. If you are someone who don’t want a lot of spice, you can ask the owners to go easy on the spices.

If you want to taste the best laphing in Nepal, then you must try it in the areas near Boudhanath areas for authentic and tasty laphings.

2. Momo

momos in nepal
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Momo is one of the most popular dish in Nepal which is served from standard hotels and even on the street food vendors.

Momos are actually nepali steamed dumplings having a filling of vegetables or chicken or buffalo meat along with onions and spices. Momo is served with chutney or spicy chilli sauce.

You can try the best momos in street vendors in different streets of Kathmandu.

I would recommend you to try Jhol momo which is momo with soup and chilli fried momo on the street vendors and I am sure you will love them.

3. Sekuwa

Sekuwa street food in nepal
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Sekuwa is another most loved street food in Nepal.

It is actually meat roasted in wood fire. The raw meat is first mixed with spices, natural herbs and other ingredients and is marinated for some time. The marinated meat is then put on a stick and is roasted over the wood charcoal.

Sekuwa is served with puffed rice and aachar or pickle in Nepal.

4. Pani Puri and Chatpate

Pani puri and chatpate are the most popular street foods all over Nepal.

Panipuri is a snack originated from India. It consist of round hollow fried balls prepared from flour or suji called puri stuffed with mashed boiled potatoes and peas and filled with spicy pani (water).

Panipuri vendor
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Panipuri vendor

Chatpate is another tangy spicy popular street food in Nepal.

It is acutally prepared by mixing puffed rice, noodles, peas and ground nuts, green chillies, onions and other sauces and spices. It is served on paper plates with paper spoon on the street.

chatpate street food in nepal
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Chatpate and pani puri are one of the most popular street foods in Nepal.

5. Samosa chaat

Samosa is another loved snack dish in Nepal.

Samosa is a fried dish having a filling of spiced potatoes, onions, peas and other ingredients.

It is actually prepared in triangular shape. You can enjoy samosa with chutney or stewed vegetables.

But the best dish to try would be samosa chaat in which samosa is crushed and mixed with stewed vegetable of peas or beans and yogurt, bhujiya and some fruits like apple are added to it.

6. Shapale

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Shapale is an authentic tibetan food popular as a street food in Nepal.

Shapale is actually a bread stuffed with meat, onions and spices. These are prepared in semicircular shape in nepal.

The most popular shapale in Nepal is buff (buffalo) shapale which has a filling of buffalo meat.

It is served with chutney and chilli sauce by the street vendors in different streets of Kathmandu.

7. Aloo Chop

aloo chop street food in nepal
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Aloo chop is another most loved nepali street snack.

The main ingredient of Aloo chop is potato (Aloo means potato in Nepali). First the boiled potatoes are mashed and mixed with spices. Next they are given desired shapes and dipped in bread crumbs or batter of besan and is deep fried in hot oil till it turns golden brown.

These are served hot with spicy chutney or ketchup.

8. Jeri Puri Tarkari

Jeri puri tarkari
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Jeri Puri Tarkari is one of my favourite food combination to try in Nepal. It actually is a combination of three foods; Jeri, Puri and Tarkari.

Jeri is one of the most common sweet in Nepal. They are deep fried loops prepared from maida(flour) batter and dipping them in sugar syrup for sweetness.

Puri is deep fried bread prepared from wheat flour or maida.

Tarkari is vegetable curry with soup.

You can order jeri puri tarkari in a street vendor’s shop and you will receive jeri wrapped on a puri. I like it that way eating jeri sandwiched between the purai and accompanying it with tarkari.

9. Aloo Nimki

aloo nimki nepal
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Aloo Nimki is another popular street food to try in Nepal most popular in districts of eastern Nepal like Dharan.

It is a dish made from flour crackers (nimki) and potato curry mixed with other spices.

If you are in eastern nepal it is a must try street food. You can also get Aloo Nimki in different parts of Kathmandu like Nakhipot areas in Lalitpur.

10. Katti roll

katti roll in nepal
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Katti roll is another amazing street food to try in Nepal.

It is actually a bread or paratha stuffed with various stuffings like chicken, paneer, potatoes, mushroom or eggs.

Syanko is an authentic vendor to try different rolls in Kathmandu which has its outlets in different places like Baneshwor, Putalisadak and other places as well.

You can find other restaurants and street vendors serving katti rolls in different places of Kathmandu and other cities as well.

Other Street Foods In Nepal

Apart from the above mentioned street foods there are other street foods that you can try in Nepal.

11. Sel Roti

sel roti
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Sel roti is a traditional sweet rice bread or doughnut. It is one of the best foods to try in Nepal.

It is served in almost every parts of Kathmandu as street food.

12. Chukauni

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It is one of the most popular dish from western Nepal especially from Palpa.

Chukauni is actually a spicy yogurt potato salad or dish that can be taken with sel roti or other bread dishes.

13. Thukpa

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Thukpa is another popular street food to try in Nepal.

It is noodles with thick soup and other seasonal vegetables or meat.

14.  Haluwa

It is a sweet dish prepared from semolina called Suji in Nepali.

15. Poleko Makai

poleko makai
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It is actually roasted corn on the cob. The corn on the cob is roasted over charcoal or wood fire and is served with achar.

What are you favourite street foods in Nepal?

Don’t forget to share your street food experience in Nepal.

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