10 Must Try Traditional Foods In Nepal

10 Traditional Foods You Must Try in Nepal
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Nepal is country having diverse religion and traditions.

People of different community live together and each of them follow different culture and tradition because of which we are gifted with variety of traditional foods.

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If you people are planning to visit Nepal you must try these traditional foods :

#1. Chatamari

Chatamari is one of the traditional foods especially consumed by people of newar community.

It is rice food product. The rice is soaked in water for about an hour and grinded then it is cooked in a fry pan like roti .

It can be eaten with vegetable curry or with pickle. 

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#2. Yomari

Yomari is a steam food product made up with rice flour .

It consists especial ingredients such as chakku , khuwa , and even meat . This food has great importance in newar community.

It is usually prepared during yomari purnima.

#3. Quati

During rainy season directly or indirectly we get exposed to rain and our body may caught up cold. It is believed that eating quati during rainy season eliminates cold from the body and makes us healthy. That’s why this food has great traditional importance.
Different types of beans such as rajma , gedagudi are mixed together. These ingredients are soaked in water for about 2 to 3 days until they sprout. As they germinate they are cooked in the form of curry and usually take up with rice or pulaw.

#4. Chicchhar

Chicchhar is one of the foods having great traditional importance in Tharu community.

It is rice food product somehow similar to steam rice but the cooking procedure is totally unique and different giving it great importance .

It is usually consumed with vegetable curry , pickle or meat curry.

#5. Bhakka

Bhakka is also a food prepared with rice flour .

The rice is soaked in water for hours and then it is grinded . When grinding is done it is usually cooked in water steam placing it on top of cheese cloth.

It is consumed usually with chilly pickle.

#6. Shewai

Shewai is unique and delicious food especially consumed by people of Muslim community.

It has great traditional importance and is usually prepared with the help of wheat flour or flour of maida . This food is cooked in milk along with the addition of sugar .

It has great aroma and taste.

#7. Samayabaji

It has great traditional importance in Newar community.

This food is a mixture of beaten rice and several kinds of pulses . It is considered as compulsory food in all the festivals and events performed in Newar community.

#8. Gundruk

Gundruk is one of the fermented food products with some traditional importance.

For its preparation green steams and leaves of cauliflower , mustard saag , rayo saag are cleaned and chopped down in pieced and are kept in bottles for about 10 to 15 days so that fermentation takes place .

After fermentation has occurred they are usually consumed by cooking in the form of curry with rice, dhido or sometime are eaten without cooking in the form of pickle by adding salt, chilly powder and  little bit of oil . 

9. Kheer:

Kheer is also one of the traditionally important food eaten by every group of people living in Nepal.

Kheer is cooked by mixing rice with milk and sugar along with some dry fruits such as cashew nut , raisins , cardamom etc. It can be considered as dessert and eaten in almost all functions.

#10. Bara

Bara is a kind of roti made up of pulse ingredients know as ‘Maas Daal’.

This is prepared by soaking the daal in water, grinding it and cooking in oil in fry pan . It is most popular food in newar community . Along with daal some especial kind of bara also contains egg and is known as egg bara.

It is also considered as traditionally important food.

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